BEVY C. Global Distribution 全球經銷代理
您好,感謝您洽詢有關經銷代理BEVY C.的事宜,為了建立良好的合作關係,有幾個問題想初步向您瞭解,煩請填妥表單內容並回覆,我們將儘速與您連絡,謝謝!

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you very much for your interests for wholesales/distributorship of our brand. In order to initiate an interactive partnership, here are few questions that we wish you could kindly assist us to answer, namely:

連絡資訊/Contact Information
公司名稱/Name of your company *
連絡人姓名/Name of the contact person *
Email *
連絡電話/Phone Number *
所在國家/Country *
代理經銷資訊/Company Information
1.簡單的公司介紹 A brief introduction of your company profile *
2. 請問您是如何知道BEVY C.這個品牌呢?How did you get know our brand BEVY C.? *
3. 請問您主要的銷售通路為何? (網站請提供連結參考,實體店面請列出間數和所在地區) What are your major sales channels? Kindly provide website links of your online shop or list the numbers & locations of your physical stores? *
4. 請問您目前已代理/經銷的產品類型為何? 是否有其他同質性的產品? Are you currently selling any other products of the same type? Kindly let us know the brands or product types. *
5. 您預計欲訂購的產品件數? Estimated amount of the item units you wish to purchase from us. *
6. 如您欲與我們分享關於您的公司簡報/詳細資訊...等,歡迎您透過網路雲端分享連結予我們。If there were any company profile/ detail information you would like to share with us. We are more welcome you to share from cloud storage site with us
謝謝您的細心回覆,我們會儘速與您連絡! Thanks for your kind answer, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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