FWFC 2020 Player Participation Application
Deadline for 2020 REC is Saturday 10/17/2020. Deadline for Premier: May 30th, 2020. *(High School Boys deadline was March 30th) Players MUST first be registered and their initial non refundable installment paid. You can email documents required to fwfcwebcommittee@gmail.com or mail to this address: FWFC, PO BOX 27281, Federal Way, WA 98093 All information is held in the strictest of confidence, and financials will not be shared with anyone at the team level.
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Federal Way Football Club (FWFC) provides a limited number of need-based grants based on the total household income. FWFC grants are available to help defray in the club player fees, and in the event additional funds are available after the distribution of the initial grants, additional funds may be awarded to the player’s family to provide assistance with Club Player Fees. FWFC only provides partial grants; and any remaining balance will remain family’s responsibility. Failure to keep account in good standing could revoke initial grant amount. *
Grant Applications must be completed in their entirety; incomplete applications will not be considered. Submitted applications become the property of FWFC and will not be returned to the applicants. Applications and supporting documents will be held in the strictest of confidence and reviewed only by the Grant Committee. Applications can be mailed in, or scanned and sent via email. Applicants must be registered, and have initial deposit requirement made to be considered eligible for review. Any previous give back hours must be completed. *
FWFC expects all families receiving participation grants to provide volunteer time for each request and to coordinate time with the FWFC Admin. Volunteer hours will be based on awarded grant amounts, and DOES NOT include the 6 required family hours, any other team hours required, as well as any FWMSC hours. Volunteer opportunities are widely available and a volunteer log must be signed off by an official representative of the Federal Way Football Club. The club does NOT keep track of hours for families. Failure to submit proof of volunteer work hours could result in disqualification on future grant requests. Please note this is a request for assistance and not a guarantee of a financial award, and that regular monthly payments are still required while awaiting a decision. *
ALL Documents Needed; (Must be emailed or mailed to address listed above for application to be completed) *
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In the event my family is awarded a Player Participation Grant, I understand it will not cover all the expenses related to FWFC soccer. I will be expected to meet with the Team Manager and/or Team Treasurer to develop a payment plan for all other additional soccer related expenses for my child. FWFC is a volunteer organization and the family of a Player Grant recipient is expected to participate with club volunteer opportunities.I certify that all of the information contained in and submitted with this application is true and correct. I understand that I am submitting this information as part of an application for receipt of FWFC funds, and that deliberate misrepresentation or omission of information may jeopardize my chances of receiving such funds. *
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