Shopify's Wholesale Program
Fill out the short questionnaire below to opt-in to Shopify's wholesale beta program.

Here's how it works:
+ Fill out the questionnaire below to have your products listed in the wholesale tool (just product names and photos).
+ We'll email you introductions to business owners interested in selling your products.
+ Respond to the email with pricing and availability to make a deal!
+ The more stores you help start, the higher we'll place you in search rankings.
+ Password protected wholesalers cannot be currently indexed.
+ For support or any questions regarding the program, please email

Please note:
+ This is completely free to you.
+ Lead quality will improve as we continue to develop the tool.
+ Currently about 1 in 30 wholesale requests turn into a sale for our opt-d in wholesalers.
+ Less than 1% of our wholesalers who've opted in, have opted out of this program. The most common reason to opt-out is related towards leads not replying back from their original inquiry.
+ 80% of the inquires are from the US, the rest predominately from the common wealth countries.

What is your store's public URL?
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What is your myshopify URL?
E.g. | Only Shopify customers can wholesale.
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Do you have any experience wholesaling products?
Do you agree to follow up with wholesale leads in a timely manner (i.e. 12-24hrs)?
We prioritize wholesalers that respond to all inquiries about their products.
Are you able to offer dropshipping to merchants?
The majority of Shopify users are new businesses, so we prioritize wholesale merchants who can offer low risk ways for them to sell product.
Do you agree to opt-in to the wholesale program?
By opting in, your products will be listed in the Shopify wholesale tool ( You'll receive an email when business owners request to learn more about your products. To opt-out, come back to this form and change your answer.
Any feedback or questions about Shopify Wholesale?
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