Petition: Save Penticton's Carmi Trails from Logging
Petition is open
DO NOT LOG this 'Intensive Recreation'-classified area, just 10 minutes from Penticton.
Logging will destroy mountain biking, hiking, ATV, horseback riding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and skiing trails. Wildlife habitat, too. Families, couples, friends, & clubs meet & play here, enjoying healthy, outdoor activities. Like the lakes, it's one of Penticton's lifestyle treasures.
The 4-meter-wide trails (most of Pine, Squirrel, and Fir Loops) will become 12-to-20-meter-wide industrial roads.
For what? Just 200 truckloads of timber.
Even the Ministry of Forests says, "It won't be the same."
BC Timber Sales (Ministry of Forests) is ignoring its own special harvesting limitations and considerations for land with this 'Intensive Recreation Area' classification.
Their plan: 1. Widen the trails for roads. 2. Clearcut block K7H0 (40 hectares). 3. Log patches of block K713 (37 of 117 hectares).
PLEASE SIGN to demand that the Ministry of Forests NOT LOG the Carmi recreation trails area.
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