AFCASH Airdrop: $10 + $5 per referral
Follow the instruction below to participate successfully in the AFCASH Airdrop. 1AFCASH = 1$. You are entitled to 10 AFCASH if all tasks are completed successfully and 5 AFCASH per referral. The referral is unlimited and the airdrop will run for 5 weeks starting from 26th December, 2018 until 31st January, 2019. Distribution will be done two weeks after the end of this campaign.

1. Sign up for an account at AFCASH website:

2. Download and use AFCASH Desktop wallet at

3. Join our Telegram Group

4. Like our Facebook page

5. Follow us on Twitter page

6. Be active on our social media

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you have participated in any AFCASH campaign, you will ONLY be entitled for referral reward in this category. Please take note. Also, airdrop participants are to remain in our respective platforms till the end of token distribution to avoid disqualification.

Email Address *
Provide email address used for registration at AFCASH website.
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Join us on Telegram at *
Enter your telegram username. This will be verified, if we cannot find your username, you will NOT be entitled to any reward. Ensure you are active and ask questions
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Follow us on twitter at *
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Like our Facebook page at *
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Provide your AFCASH wallet address (not your email address, you have to download and install, click on receive to generate your wallet address after installation). The desktop App can be downloaded here: *
AFCASH obtained will be distributed two weeks after this campaign.
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Enter your referral AFCASH wallet address 5 AFCASH = $5 per referral
Provide your referral AFCASH wallet address where applicable. Be careful not to use multiple account or refer yourself, this will be detected and you will forfeit your reward. The referral reward will be distributed two weeks after this campaign.
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