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KitSplit EDU is a new type of educational system where content creators can learn directly from vetted, experienced, and knowledgeable practitioners. KitSplit EDU is a marketplace centralizing a variety of educational options made for creators, ranging from multi-person workshops to one-on-one tutorials and coaching sessions, all sourced from the creative community.

Join us as a KitSplit instructor! Build your brand, share your knowledge, and earn additional income as a KitSplit instructor.
KitSplit is seeking high profile, experienced filmmakers and creators to teach on KitSplit EDU. You can teach workshops for multiple people or tutorials and coaching sessions for one-on-one guidance. In person or online, you decide. You set the price. You choose the subject matter, the hours and the location. KitSplit is here to advise on topics and class structure. We’ll market your classes/tutorials to our huge community of 40,000 filmmakers and production companies. We’ll handle payment processing and all the paperwork.

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Fill out the form below with what you'd like to teach and background info on your career and experience. We will screen all applicants based on 1) their experience in the field, 2) topics of instruction, 3) capabilities teaching.

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Highlight credentials that make you uniquely suited to teach including past jobs or well known projects you've worked on (films, TV shows, production companies etc) and any awards. Tell us why you’re passionate about teaching the proposed subjects. Mention how many years you have been practicing the activity.
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Workshops are generally with multiple students, and can range from 2 hours to multiple days. Workshops will require an agenda, talking points, and material. Workshops require prepared material and agenda. 1:1 Coaching Sessions are one-on-one and can be done in person or online via phone or video chat. Coaching sessions are conversations driven by the student, no prepared material required.
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You must have a strong track record of excellence in these topics.
If you want to offer COACHING SESSIONS, please list the areas of expertise that you could advise on:
If you want to offer COACHING SESSIONS please indicate where you will host them
If you want to offer WORKSHOPS, please list the subject matter/title and a detailed description for each
For each workshop, please Include the topic or subject matter, the duration (2 hours, 2 days etc), the format (lecture, hands on, project-based), knowledge level (intro, intermediate, advanced, all levels) and the type of student (filmmaker, cinematographer, photographer etc) what the student will learn, and what if anything they should bring to the workshop.
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We require that instructors pledge to offer workshops/tutorials/coaching sessions on an ongoing, regular basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
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If you are unsure, we can advise you on pricing
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We will use this photo to promote the listing on KitSplit. Ideally include a photo of you or others engaged in the activity (ie flying a drone for a drone-flying workshop). Make sure the photo has good lighting. You must own the rights to this photo or it must be creative commons. By uploading it here you give us permission to use this photo in the case that we accept your application to become an instructor.
Please include links to any relevant videos or photos
We will include these in the listing for the workshop/tutorial to help highlight your expertise and what the student will learn.
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