2022 Spring Manager Application
Please fill out all required fields to be considered for a spring manager position. Spring Ball is more competitive and good practice time for All Stars. Minors and above will have tryouts and a draft. Tee Ball and Rookies will be placed on teams.
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Assume 12 players on your team and players fall into the following ability levels: 3 are outstanding, 3 are solid, 3 are average to below average, and 3 have little athletic ability or understanding of baseball. (NOTE: In all divisions except majors, the team bats the lineup). (1) How would you divide the defensive innings in a 6 inning game among the 12 players? (2) At which positions would you play your bottom 6 players? Which positions, if any, would you not allow your bottom 3 players to play? (3) Explain your reasoning. Describe your opinion on the importance of winning. *
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Application to Coach Agreement and Authorization to Conduct Background Investigation I hereby apply to be a volunteer Manager for CLL. In addition to this Manager Application, CLL requires all Managers and Coaches to submit a 2021 Little League Volunteer Application and to allow CLL to conduct a background investigation to evaluate my qualifications to supervise youth. I understand this evaluation is conducted solely to assure the safety of children participating in the CLL program and that all information obtained will be held in strict confidence in accordance with applicable law. If appointed as a volunteer Manager or Coach, I agree to abide by the goals and objectives of CLL, Little League Rule Book, CLL Safety Rules, CLL Problem Rules, and CLL Local Rules. I agree to enter into a CLL Manager Agreement and fulfill the requirements of that Agreement, and understand that I may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal of my volunteer position at any time for failure to comply with any part of the Agreement, subject to action of the CLL Board of Directors. Please e-sign below. *
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