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We are always interested in how we can best serve the swimmers on our team. Please use this form to anonymously submit your feedback regarding our team. Our board members and head coach will review this information.

If you have any immediate concerns, you can always speak with Coach Mike on deck, or email him at You can also reach the members of the board at

Thank you for your feedback!
Overall, how would you rate your swimmer's experience with the TigerSharks?
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How well does your swimmer relate to the coaches?
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How well does your swimmer relate to teammates?
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What do you like most about our program?
Is there anything you would like to see more of?
In which ways did our program meet (or not meet) your expectations?
Do you have any suggestions to improve our overall experience?
What are your child's goals for their swim career?
In what ways can we help achieve them?
Will your swimmer(s) return next season?
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Would you recommend the TigerSharks to another swimmer looking to join (or switch from) a team? Why?
Is there anything else you would like to address?
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