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Terms and Conditions
BHP Registry - By filling out this form you agree to the Terms and conditions. All Giveaways are termed in the below as testers needed, testing, testers.
RULE - Testers have 48 hours to CLAIM the product. Claiming the product must be done by emailing within 48 hours of being selected.
RULE - In some select cases testers will be required to pay for shipping if they choose to test the product.
RULE - Testers are required to summit back results with images and or videos
RULE - By accepting the product for testing you are stating that you have the appropriate product to test the products. (Example - Testing Nocks you have arrows to use to conduct the test).
RULE - You will not be compensated for any testing preformed. Testing is at your own risk. BowHunterPlanet or affiliates are not responsible for any injury or issues resulting from testing.
RULE - If you do not provide the below after testing. 1. you could be charged for the product(s). 2. You will not be selected for any other future testing.
RULE - You agree to be added to the BHP mailing list and receive emails from
RULE - You are at least 18 years of age, if under you will be required to get parents consent for any testing.
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