Call for Sessions and Panels | EADI ISS 2020
We seek to provide spaces for discussion, engagement, sharing, and co-creation among conveners, contributors and participants. For that reason, the conference gives room for a variety of different formats. We explicitly welcome innovative formats, artistic expressions and non-academic contributors.

Panel/Session Submission Deadline is on 6 September 2019.
All submissions will undergo an anonymized review process by the academic advisory committee of the conference.

Further information:
For any questions please get in touch:

Financing: For this cconference, we apply a “crowd-funding” approach. All working groups and institutions presenting in a panel and attending the Conference will be expected to be self-funded. This refers to the payment of the registration fees, the arrangement of travels with speakers from the Global South and possibly shared costs for the organisers of the panel for the provision of special technical equipments. EADI will provide an online paper and panel management system to all panel organizers and working groups, in order to create an online conference programme with all papers and presentations available for download.
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