Hyperborea Experiential Art Team Incident Reporting Form
You can use this form to file an incident report with Hyperborea Experiential Arts Team (HEAT). Please read our Code of Conduct to get an idea of what we can and can't do, so you have suitable expectations of how we can help. This form collects information regarding possible Code of Conduct violations. The completed form should contain sufficient detail for the investigators to begin an investigation.


Have law enforcement been notified of this incident? *
Contact Information & Anonymity
You can decide whether you want to include your name or any contact details with an incident report. While anonymous information can be useful when it contains verifiable facts, information with no contact information is, by its nature, of limited value in our process. You shouldn't feel obliged to provide your personal details, but if you are able to it will help us to investigate the incident more thoroughly.
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Date(s) and Time(s) of Incident
Please note the date and time if possible when the incident took place. (If several instances please enter a time range and call out any specific instances in the narrative)
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