Summer Reading 11th Grade Form
Last name
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First name
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English teacher's last name
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True Facts
Friend Groups in Peril
War Fiction
WW2 Women
Stacey Lee - History
Our World Gone Weird
Friend Groups in Peril - Otherworld Edition
Emotional Rescue
Mid-East Rescue
Philosophy and Physiology
Short Stories
Man Against the Elements
BHS Book Club Picks
Death is Funny
A Medical Condition
Overcoming It
New Books from Last Year's Favorite Writers
Not My Mental Illness
Love and Other Stuff
Travel and Independence
Different and Better
How do you usually get your book?
If there was no summer reading, how many books would you read over the summer?
How important is it that the book is available in paperback
Not very important
Super important
Anything else I need to know?
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