RC Challenge & Bout Submission
Please make sure you answer every question, otherwise the form will not be submitted. Its very important that captains read up on the scheduling criteria and info on this page. Sorry, its long:
Submissions that don't meet criteria won't be scheduled.

Please check out SKATER SKILL LEVELS before you put in your challenge request.
Captains are responsible for enforcing skill levels.

To get scheduled:
! - Both captains must be RollerCon pass holders. We check.
! - All info in the form must be complete. Even shirt colors, etc.
! - CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES TWICE. About 10% of the forms get submitted with typos in the email address. A high percentage have the same email for both captains. We need real emails for real people, please, that you have double checked for typos. If we get bounce messages when we email you, or you have one email for both captains, we drop your challenge and schedule someone else.

It is extremely unlikely that your challenge will be scheduled for a 60-minute bout slot. But if you want a 60-min bout, please make sure to include your roster link so we can look it over when we're picking the bouts. We're looking for bouts with super fun themes and high level skaters that will be great to watch. Costumes, rivalries, FUN.

PLEASE ONLY REGISTER YOUR OWN CHALLENGE. We are not stupid. Please do not try to game the system by registering a bunch of challenges you aren't captaining, or registering a match if you don't have another team to play.

CAPTAINS ARE LIMITED TO 2 CHALLENGES. If you submit more than two, the third and beyond will not be scheduled. You can captain a third if at least one is banked track. Again, we WILL check.

What happens when you get scheduled?

1. We schedule your match on our google calendar
2. We invite your captains to the calendar entry. If your captains have gmail addresses, you will probably want to use them on our form so you can see it in your g-calendar. You don't have to approve. If the time seems weird, maybe the message came in changed to your time zone? Change it back to PST.
3. The calendar invitation will likely have further instructions. Please read it.
4. We don't need you to accept the invitation.
5. If the time doesn't work or you aren't coming to RollerCon, your best bet is to find a new captain. Otherwise, we can cancel your spot, but we can't change it (sorry).
6. If you do need us to cancel or you change captains, please send an email to rollercon@gmail.com with your CHALLENGE TEAM, DAY & TIME of CHALLENGE and we'll cancel it and book another challenge.

Bout or Challenge
30 min challenge or 60 min bout? Bouts are ONLY scheduled for A level matches, and very, very few new ones get scheduled. The bout slots are very limited, and most of them are reserved for sanctioned games, sponsor matches and the most popular returning matches. So please note, even If you choose "either," you're still likely to get a 30 min challenge.
Skill Level
Please rank the skill range of your players. It is the captains responsibility to make sure that all players are in this range. Please use this criteria to choose your skill range: http://rollercon.com/about/skater-skill-levels/ .
Yeah, we know you like it. But are you registering for a single-sex or unrestricted game? Please choose unrestricted for women vs men, as well as co-ed teams.
Day Preference
Almost every captain requests Fri / Sat; so anyone that marked “any” or another day could get bumped up in the prioritization. You may choose as many options as will fit.
Specific Schedule Preference
If you register on March 1st near the noon opener, we might be able to give you exactly the schedule you want. Please choose ONE DAY and ONE TIME BLOCK. If we can give it to you, we will. If you choose a bunch of stuff I will just schedule you anything and be annoyed that you didn't read this, LOL.
Team 1 Name
Your answer
Team 1 Captain Skate Name
Your answer
Team 1 Captain Legal Name
Must match RollerCon 2017 Pass Info or you will be skipped
Your answer
Team 1 Captain Email
Please double check for typos! If we can't get in touch, we will not schedule.
Your answer
Team 1 Captain Phone
Your answer
Team 1 Jersey Color
Team 2 Name
Your answer
Team 2 Captain Skate Name
Your answer
Team 2 Captain Legal Name
Must match RollerCon 2017 Pass Info or you will be skipped
Your answer
Team 2 Captain Email
Please double check for typos! If we can't get in touch, we will not schedule. Please make sure this isn't the same email as Captain 1, because if it is, we have to skip you. We need BOTH CAPTAIN EMAILS.
Your answer
Team 2 Captain Phone
Your answer
Team 2 Jersey Color
Link to Challenge Roster
Please use this format. If you are a gmail user, please copy this document using the instructions in the document, and then share the link with us here. If your captains are not gmail users**, please put "not gmail users" in the field. **you should know this entire system works better for captains who are. But don't worry, we'll post how to get us your roster by excel later in the season. Ihttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pAb06NORGBD1jkBA5RJVCCN20ZfepDzYF2V9u4d5n0Q/edit#gid=0
Your answer
Skill Promise
Both captains will make sure that every skater on their team is a bout-safe player according to the WFTDA Minimum Skating Standards posted at http://wftda.com/rules/wftda-rules-appendix-a-minimum-skill-requirements.pdf, and both captains will make sure they recruit players that are in the skill range the captains have chosen.
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