Gifted Internship Application 2020-2021
When registration begins make sure you register for Gifted Career Internship as an elective. Make sure you register for the number of semesters you plan to intern.

Internships are usually scheduled either 1st, 2nd, 6th or 7th period but can be scheduled at other times if you do online learning/Dual enrollment.. I will work with your counselor to ensure that you are scheduled for the correct class period of internship.

Double Internships are also an Option. All this means is that you have two periods off a day to attend your internship site but you must complete twice the hours.

If you are taking college English or an Online class 1st period you can intern 2nd period. If you are taking College English or Online Class 7th period you can Intern 6th period, etc.

You will be contacted by Mrs. McCarthy-Jackson via e mail to schedule your pre-internship interview.

Deadline to apply is February 14th.

Questions see Mrs. Denney in 4209
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Which Semester and year did you successfully complete the "Hire Me" seminar? Example: Fall 2016 (If you are currently taking Hire Me, you would say Spring 2020) *
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RETURNING INTERNS: List previous internships you have participated in w/our program.
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Name your top career field of interest: (list at least 3 different areas-medicine, computer graphics, law, etc. If you pick a field that has many sub-fields, i.e. medicine, engineering, business, etc., please tell me which sub-fields interest you most.) *
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How will you get to your internship? Be specific (i.e. I have my own car, I share a car, I will be driven, etc.) Do you have your driver's license? If no, when will you be getting your license? BE AWARE if you are not driving yourself to your internship, it is understood that your internship schedule will not be based on the availability of your driver. *
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Do you have any internship contacts or ideas for specific sites that we can pursue? Please provide a contact name, email, and phone number.
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Internship students are required to attend a pre-internship interview with Mrs. McCarthy-Jackson each semester before Internship. For fall 2020, interns will interview March/April 2020 and for Spring 2021, interns will interview November/December 2020. Mrs. McCarthy will contact you to schedule your interview. *
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