TES Fest 2020 - Volunteer Application
Important: PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR REGISTRATION. We are NOT offering refunds. For accepted volunteers, we will provide coupon codes to register. For those who are not accepted as volunteers, we will send you a link to register for the Volunteer Rate. Volunteer Rates will be the same as Early Bird Rates until April 1, 2020. They will then be whatever the rate is at the time of application. Please acknowledge that you have read this and agree to it. Please also acknowledge that you have read the volunteer code of conduct: *
Legal First and Last Name *
Your Fetlife/Scene Name *
How many hours would you like to volunteer? *
These discounts rates are based on the time you apply to volunteer. | 6 hours = 50% off admission | 12 hours = Free Admission | 18 hours = Free Admission and either 3 meal tickers OR 10% off hotel room |
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Were you referred by another volunteer or TES Fest staff member?
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If yes, please provide name of referral
Have you volunteered for TES Fest in the past?
If yes, please note which position and when.
Have you volunteered for TES (not TES Fest) in the past?
If yes, please provide what you have done
Have you volunteered for for another large kink event?
If yes, please provide which event and what you have done
Which day and time are you planning on *arriving* to TES Fest? *
TES Fest begins on Friday, July 3rd at 2:00pm. We have positions open for those planning on arriving early but it is not required to volunteer.
Which day and time are you planning on *leaving* TES Fest? *
TES Fest ends on Sunday, July 5th at 11:59pm. We have positions open for those planning leaving after the even but it is not required to volunteer.
Are you able to work an overnight shift? Early Morning? Late Night?
Can you stand or walk around for extended periods of time? (4-6 hours)
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Have you attended a TES DM Training or done the online DM Training?
If you are applying to be a DM, you must do the online training on the TES Fest website under "Volunteer Training Materials": https://www.tesfest.org/volunteers/volunteer-training-materials/
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How do you feel you can best contribute to making TES Fest a wonderful event? *
Do you have any special skills or resources that you'd be willing to use? *
(for example, willing to drive own vehicle, MSW or professional counseling expertise, etc)
Which area(s) are you interested in volunteering in? *
Which area(s) would NOT be a good fit for you as a volunteer? *
Do not schedule me for a time that conflicts with: *
Have you been banned, ejected, had invitations revoked, or been restricted from any event by a promoter or producer? *
If yes to question above, please explain why and the event. If there is more than one, please explain each situation.
Have you been invited back to the event in question since that time?
Is there anything we should be aware of when considering your application? *
Any special considerations?
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