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This is a survey aimed at 757-local brick-and-mortar businesses. We hope to get your insights on your specific business needs, to best meet them.

As a token of appreciation for your time, participants in the survey will be able to join our three-month pilot program at no cost. This program allows you to experience the benefits of our technology firsthand and contribute to its development.

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How beneficial do you believe having time- and location-specific foot traffic data within your business would be? Not just when customers buy products, but specifically where and how long they spend their time in your business?

For example:
Mondays have less traffic than normal in the home improvement section.
Last Thursday, the frozen foods section peaked in traffic.
Here are the busiest days for your business.
Not beneficial
Highly beneficial
Would you consider paying monthly for a solution that offers real-time data and periodic reports on customer trends and occupancy? (Do not consider how much you would pay - just whether you would)
Would not consider
Would highly consider
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Are you open to participating in a no-cost, three-month pilot program to experience the benefits firsthand?

This program involves you using our IoT device in your business. We will mail it to you free of charge. We will give you access to the online dashboard, as well as send weekly reports on occupancy trends. We may also ask you questions regarding the data we deliver - like how useful you find the data, and whether you've acted on the insights provided.

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