The Grotto Creations - Quote Form
This is the form to receive a quote for a project from The Grotto Creations.

Please make sure to read the entirety of my Terms of Service on my site before completing this form. (

If you are under the age of 18, you cannot apply for a commission, but I can provide you with a quote for your project that will be valid for my next commission opening.


- I highly recommend just going for a full suit. Not because it means a bigger sale for me of course, but because I can't guarantee I'll have the same colors as your partial at a later date! I'm in a small space right now, so I can't always keep furs in stock. Dye lots can change as well, resulting in a mismatched color on your suit if you get a body made later. If you come back for a full suit later and I no longer have the materials and cannot obtain them again, I won't be able to make your project complete.



- Full suits are still in an 'experimental' phase right now, so I can't guarantee that the quality will be on par with other makers with more experience!
- Right now The Grotto is situated in a small space, so I can only take 1-2 full suit commissions per batch
- Full fursuits will require a duct tape dummy. For information, please refer to this link (Coveralls are also acceptable for the base of a DTD and can be bought individually at home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowes, etc) you don't have to use the large yard bags!)



When providing a reference, please make sure to follow these guidelines:
- Reference MUST have at least 2 views of the character. (Front and back, side view is optional but will help!)
- Clean images only please! Images that are adult in nature will result in your quote request being ignored.
- Overly detailed characters with too many colors or excessive markings are likely to be ignored as well. Please refer to my previous work to get a good idea of what I am capable of creating.
- Keep your references contained to 1-2 images maximum.
- Double check to make sure your image links work!
- If you're undecided between 2 or more designs to commission, feel free to submit all of them on separate forms (So if you have 3 designs, submit 3 different forms, one for each design)
- You can use other suits you like as examples for small details like eye shape or hair style, but remember that I will not make an exact copy of a previously existing fursuit, even one that I've built. I will also NEVER imitate another suit makers style, so please do not ask me to do this.
- On-model copyrighted characters are not allowed. I cannot make a fursuit of Luna, but I can make a black cat in my own style with a peculiar crescent marking.

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