D62 Iroquois Community School Student Application
All student applications for the 2020/2021 school year are due by April 15, 2020. We will not be accepting applications after this date until the next enrollment period.

While Iroquois Community School offers many services and supports, it does not provide all of the programming offered in other schools of the District. As such, your student’s individual needs may not be able to be addressed at Iroquois Community School. Upon receipt of your application, the District will determine whether your student may enter the lottery, and you will be notified of the decision. If you receive notification that your student will not be entered into the lottery, you may request a meeting with the principal to review the decision. This review must be requested within 3 school days of receipt of the notification. While the District will continue to give preference to siblings of admitted students, siblings will also be reviewed individually in order to determine whether their needs can be addressed at ICS. Should it become evident after a student has been chosen for ICS through the lottery that his/her needs cannot be appropriately met, the District reserves the right to terminate enrollment at ICS and transfer the student to an appropriate school. Failure to complete this application fully and accurately will result in automatic removal from consideration. Additionally, your student will be disqualified from any future consideration.

*Answering these questions “yes” is not necessarily disqualifying, but only means that additional information will need to be considered as part of the application process*Does your student have an individualized education program? Does your student have a 504 plan? Does your student have a health plan? Does your student receive bilingual services? Are there any other considerations or special circumstances we should be aware of?

Please fill out one form for each child who is applying for the lottery.
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