LWV- Lake Michigan Region Auction Donation
Auction Dates for Bidding November 1, 2020 -November 14, 2020. Auction closes 5pm on November 14, 2020.
Please complete form below on or before NOVEMBER 1, 2020
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Please describe the auction item with estimated value in 100 words or less. If you have a photo of your item, send it to SarahShirk@hotmail.com in jpeg format or send a link/URL that has an image of your donation. *
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THANK YOU for supporting the LWV-Lake Michigan Region, an Inter-League Organization including Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. If you would like to be recognized as the donor for the item, please list how donor should be recognized. If item below is blank, donor will be recognized as "anonymous." All donations from local businesses will be publicized in social media campaign for the conference and annual meeting. Auction will close after the Annual Meeting adjourns on November 14, 2020. Questions? Contact SarahShirk@hotmail.com
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