Kid's World, Indian Public School, Kollam
Application for Admission
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1. Name of the Pupil (Block Letters)
1. Name of the Pupil (Block Letters)
2. (i) Name of Father
2. (ii) Name of Mother
3. (i) Address
3. (ii) Telephone Number of Father
3. (iii) Telephone Number of Mother
4. (i) Occupation of Father
4. (ii) Occupation of Mother
5. (i) Date of Birth
5. (ii) Date of Birth in Words
5. (iii) Whether certified extract from register of birth has been produced wide Rule
6. Age on date of application in words (number of years and completed months)
7. Community & Religion
8. Nationality & State
9. Whether the candidate belongs to SC/ST/OBC or is a convert from SC/ST
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10. Standard to which admission is sought
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