September Fit For Cash
Event Timing: January 5, 2017 - February 5, 2017
Event Address: Your own place & Our virtual fitness group
Contact me at or
What's this all about?
This virtual challenge will take place January 8th - February 5th.

Throughout the month of January, you have a chance to win cold hard cash just for being consistent with healthy habits! Beachbody is confident, and I am too, that you will fall in love with getting healthy. Beachbody is betting over $2 Million for you to follow a few simple habits for 4 weeks. You will work towards your fitness goals with Beachbody home workouts, fuel your body with the best superfood nutrition, and log it in our free Challenge Tracker app where you will receive daily motivation and support.

Qualifications for the Cash Earnings
There are just a few required commitments from ALL participants in order to receive your portion of the $2-3 Million pot.

1. Be a Free or VIP Team Beachbody Member and be in a Challenge Group with your Coach on the Challenge Tracker app.

2. Log a minimum of (3) three Beachbody workouts in our group each week.

3. Log a minimum of (5) five Shakeology's WITH a photo in our group each week.

4. Have a valid First and Last name, email address, and shipping address listed in your Team Beachbody account so that you can receive your portion on the pay out.

That's it! There's no hidden catch!
There's no addition steps or requirements. Simply workout, drink your Shakeology, log it in our Challenge Tracker Group on the app with me as your Coach, and have valid contact info on your Team Beachbody Account. Do this for 4 weeks throughout September and part of the $2-3 Million pot is yours!

*** The pot will actually be increasing up until December 31, with $5 added to the pot for every challenge program bundle purchased, and will potentially reach $3 Million!

That's all there is to it. In January, Beachbody will evenly sprinkle that $2 - $3 Million pot around to ALL that qualified.

Once you've submitted this form, be on the lookout for an email within 24 hours with an invite to the group!

The Group Challenge Tracker App
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