Avalon Expo 7 Vendor/Artist/Author Application
Avalon Expo 7 is Saturday, September 18 until Sunday, September 19, 2021 at the Holiday Inn St. John's Conference Centre, 180 Portugal Cove Road, St. John's, NL, Canada

Becoming a Vendor or Artist

Vendors and local small businesses:
For those providing licensed merchandise and collectibles.
Table – 2.5x6 and chairs
First table 88
Every subsequent table 78

Artists/Authors/Small Publishers:
For those who create what they sell.
Table – 2.5x6 and chairs
First table 68
Every subsequent table 58

Corporate tables:
Larger entities not included in the above categories.
Tables – 2.5x6 and chairs
Each table 350

Vendors must staff their tables during vendor hours for both days of the event.

Vendors have a two-stage process for their space.
First they may be approved as a vendor. This does not guarantee their space.
They are confirmed once their space is paid for. This guarantees their space for the event.
Space is limited and we are starting with the plan that we would have to physically distance, further reducing capacity.

Vendor Selection
Vendors are chosen based on a number of factors:
Time of application – All other things equal the earliest application received will be chosen.
Product – The more information you can supply the better. Along with a description of your item(s) please include pictures or links to your intended sale inventory and set up where possible. Preference will be given to quality and diverse items. If we receive numerous applications for the same types of products you could be waitlisted. All attempts will be made to select vendors that appeal to a variety of customers, based on craft, fandom, etc. This is done not only for the benefit of the convention, but for the benefit of vendors too.
Prior attendance – while attendance at one of our other conventions does not guarantee acceptance, we will take our past relationships, and feedback from attendees.
Examples can be listed here as links to original photos or sent to vendors@avalonexpo.com (if we are familiar with you and your products, you don't need to send photos unless there are new items that aren't easily described).
The description you give can also be used when we list vendors. :)

If you are added to the vendor waitlist you will not be numbered. If a spot becomes available we will assess waitlisted vendors on the above criteria to ensure a balance in the force is maintained.

Payment can be made via either email to payments@avalonexpo.com or we'll send a Square Invoice payable by credit card.

Payments are non-refundable.
If we have to cancel your booking we will issue a refund.

Please note that during peak times such as applications and leading up to the convention email responses may be delayed. However, we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

Vendor Rules
All vendors must adhere to convention rules outlined on our website including the anti-harassment and anti-bullying policy.
Avalon Expo is a family friendly event. Any items with a mature or adult theme would need to be set up in a way not accessible/visible to minors. Refusal to remove items may result in expulsion from the convention. If this should happen no refund will be issued for fees paid.
Illegal items for sale will result in expulsion from the convention without refund of fees paid.
All materials must stay within your allotted space and not interfere with pathways or other vendors' areas.
Sale of weapons must be approved by Avalon Expo prior to the convention. If during the convention you are found to be selling weapons that you did not identify on your vendor application you may be asked to leave the convention without refund of fees paid.
Vendors who wish to sell food need to mention so in this application. If they show up with baked goods and didn't apply to be a food vendor with them they can not sell them.
Each vendor space will be entitled to two badges. Badges are required to gain access to the venue during vendor setup times through the event. Badges are transferable between staff throughout the event but all staff will need a badge at all times they are in the venue. If more than two staff members are needed additional passes can be available.
Vendors cannot sublet/share their space without approval from Avalon Expo.
Vendors must adhere to the requirements of the venue as well.

Questions? Email:

Thank you tremendously for your support and interest. :)
We want everyone to have fun and do well.
The Avalon Expo team
The legal name of the corporation which Avalon Expo is a part of is:
Tanoshimi Creative Corporation
Name of individual(s)? *
Name you operate as? *
(Vendor name(s), or Artist or Author pen name(s))
Email address or other preferred contact method: *
This needs to be something you actually check regularly, please. Double-check your spelling! :)
Please describe your venture, including what types of goods and/or services you would offer: *
(Don't forget your website and/or Facebook page so we can link to it when we put up the vendor list.)
Artist/Author/Vendor/Corporate? *
Number of tables with you would like? *
Payment method: *
Where are you from? *
Ex: St. John's, NL, Canada; Paris, France; Tokyo, Japan; Oakland, California, US; Lavender Town, Kanto
Additional notes/questions/requests?
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