Calling all Emerging Music Artists - Where's the money?!
Help us to understand your career - which income streams work best for you as an emerging or independent music artist? What are your biggest challenges with regard to those income streams and what would you like to see change / improve? The FAC are undertaking research in order to better understand the careers of emerging and independent artists in the UK. We want to know how we can help, together with other music industry bodies, to support artists and to represent your needs to the wider industry.

We thank you in advance for your answers, which will be anonymous. We appreciate that ticking a box is never the full story, but your answers will be hugely valuable to us.

Once completed, if you share the survey on social media (your answers will of course remain anonymous!), tag us @FeaturedArtists and be in for a chance to win a seat at this year's Artist & Manager Awards this November in London...

Find out more about us and join us as a Pro Member: www.thefac,org

What genre best describes your music (choose up to three please!)? *
Where are you based *
What type of artist are you (i.e. what's your line-up) *
Do you record and / or produce, mix, master music?
If Yes, do you get paid for this work?
Do you self release your music (get your music onto digital platforms and retailers via distributors, eg. TuneCore, AWAL, CD Baby, etc)?
Do you use non-retail platforms to reach your fans (eg. Soundcloud, Youtube, digital radio)?
If Yes, which ones work particularly well for you?
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What are your top 5 music related income streams? (this can be anything music related, for example: live performance fees, PRS & PPL royalties, digital or physical sales, or perhaps a brand partnership, teaching music, unique merch, sync deals, etc) *
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If performing live is one of your five income streams, what type of venues do you mostly play?
How much a year do you make (on average) from those income streams? *
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Are there any music related revenue streams that are not functioning in the way you expected (i.e. which one's do you find difficult to achieve / understand)? *
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What could the industry do to help you earn more or access other revenue streams? *
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Non-income question: What it your one biggest challenge in progressing as an artist? *
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What's the one aspect of the music industry / your career that you are most optimistic / excited about? *
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