Cardiothoracic Surgery - the Interest Group
Quick survey before you RSVP, fill it out to help us plan, thanks!
Mitral valve replacement for rheumatic heart disease via sternotomy
Please answer all the questions below! It really helps us!
Thanks-- Zachary
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Are you coming to our first meeting, for cardiac surgery with Dr. Mo Quader, on Tuesday, Sept 26 from 12-12:50pm in KMSB 104/105?
Are you coming to our second meeting, for thoracic surgery with Dr. Rachit Shah, on Thursday, Nov 16 from 12-12:50pm in MMEC 3-101?
Did you just put those dates in your calendar so that you don't forget? :D
How many years of residency training do you currently think it takes to become a heart surgeon?
I know you'll say you have no idea, but if your mom or dad asked you to be honest and say what specialty you've thought of doing the most, what would you say?
minimally-invasive thoracotomy approach
Have you ever heard of the six year I-6 Cardiothoracic Surgery residency program?
Depending on funding we will either order sandwiches for the first 30 to arrive or order for all RSVPs.
If you are a meat eater, which sounds better for sandwiches?
Do you have any dietary requests? (ie allergies, no tomato, no nuts, vegan only, etc) (If vegan let us know what kind of sandwich or wrap would work best, we're thinking hummus wrap at the moment.)
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Coffee or tea or water
Who else would you like to hear from besides Dr. Quader, an attending surgeon? No promises here, just gauging interest. (check all that apply)
Besides Q&A, info re residency training + applying, advising advice, what else would you like to see presented? (check all that apply)
Anything other questions you have, concerns you have, or things you'd like to see addressed during the hour? (if people have the same questions we'll try to make sure we cover them so you don't have to ask) (free text response)
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Are you interested in getting into leadership for this interest group? (if you aren't just skip this)
We are looking for some M2s or M1s who are interested in surgery (doesn't have to be CT Surgery specifically) who would like to help do these same two events next year and the year after. You would be on first name basis with the cardiothoracic surgeons here. You would have the in to get involved in any CT Surgery research going on. And most likely they would write you a rec letter for residency 4th year. If this sounds interesting to you at all, please write a quick blurb of why you would be interested and I will arrange to meet up.
I am interested in getting into leadership, and here is why. (answer below, if you aren't just skip this)
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Thanks for going through this, we really appreciate it. It helps a ton. Looking forward to meeting you all! See you on Tuesday the 26th!
beautifully done sternal closure for a lifesaving congenital operation
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