Player Mindset Snapshot
Fantastic that you are interested in the mental fitness of your hockey player!

It's important to understand where your athlete is starting. Every hockey journey is different. Every player is different.

Once we read your responses, we can suggest an appropriate direction, if we think it would be in the best interest of your athlete.
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What is the long term goal in hockey of your player? *
What is your long term goal in hockey for your player? *
Puck confidence *
Gets rid of it as soon as possible
Wants the puck and makes plays
On Ice Competitive Spirit *
Very timid
Very Aggressive
Goal Setting *
What goals???
Dialed in - does whatever it takes
Ability to recover from mistakes *
Mistakes destroy them
Like water off a duck's back
Ability to manage emotions *
Steady Eddie
5 Star Roller Coaster
Level of joy and happiness *
They are so serious they never have any fun
Always pumped when leaving the rink
Ability to handle criticism *
Very sensitive and defensive
Very thick skin
Ability to maintain a consistent level of play *
Can look like a McDavid and a McMuffin in the same weekend
Plays the same way every night
Self-Confidence on and off the ice *
Very low
Very high
Anxiety does not hold my child back *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Courageousness to try new things *
A field mouse.
A lion.
It's overtime in Game 7. My player... *
Would rather be watching from the bench.
Never wants to leave the ice.
How would you describe your child's relationship with themselves? *
Super easy going
Very critical - a perfectionist
How would you describe your child's relationship with their coach? *
Couldn't be worse
Strong mutual respect
How would you rate your child's leadership abilities? *
Needs lots of work
Captain material
What is the ONE thing you'd like to see change with your child's game play on the ice? *
What is the ONE thing you'd like to see change with your son or daughter off the ice? *
Has your athlete ever participated in mindset development? *
Does your son or daughter value your opinion when it comes to hockey? *
They don't think I know anything
They always want to know what I think
Is there anything else you'd like to share about your hockey player?
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