Vegan Diet Transitions Survey
For people who are considering or have recently switched to a vegan/vegetarian diet. For more information and resources for your journey toward a vegan diet, go to
Have you ever thought about taking on a vegan diet?
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If you've ever thought about starting a vegan diet, what are the main reasons that hold you back?
What are your biggest challenges when you think about starting a vegan diet?
Describe how you eat today
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Describe how you'd like to see yourself eating in the next year.
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If you're considering a vegan or vegetarian diet, what are the main reasons?
What are the kinds of resources that would help you transition to a vegan or vegetarian diet?
Would you consider taking an e-Course or Webinar with resources to help you transition to a vegan diet in a human-compassionate manner (a way that respects you and your choices)?
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