Joint international meeting on the Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) market. Scenarios analysis and emerging challenges for LEAs

The INTERPOL General Secretariat and the RiSSC - Research Centre on Security and Crime will be organizing the International Meeting on Novel Psychoactive Substances, jointly with the EPS/NPS Project – Enhancing Police Skills concerning Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS), on 6-7 December 2016 at the INTERPOL General Secretariat Headquarters, 200 Quai Charles de Gaulle, 69006 Lyon, France. It will start at 9.00 on Tuesday 6 December 2016 and finish at 14.00 on Wednesday 7 December 2016.

Background Information

The EPS/NPS Project is coordinated by RiSSC and developed with the financial support of the European Commission – targeted call on cross border law enforcement cooperation in the field of drug trafficking – DG Justice/DG Migrations and Home Affairs (JUST/2013/ISEC/DRUGS/AG/6429). More information is available at

INTERPOL was invited as a beneficiary partner to the project.

This is the first meeting fully dedicated to this specific crime area organized by the INTERPOL General Secretariat, which will give experts and representatives from member countries in Europe, partner organizations, and the academia the opportunity to share their experiences in terms of cooperation in investigation matters and legal proceedings.

Purpose of the meeting

The meeting aims are as follows:
To present the Project findings, thus providing better understanding of the NPS trafficking both online and offline, and transferring the knowledge base developed by the EPS/NPS project;
To share best practices among MS LEAs and national competent authorities on actions to fight NPS trafficking; and
To increase synergy on national/international institutions involved in the fight against drug trafficking with the help of INTERPOL's and EPS/NPS’s tools and services.


The meeting will cover the following issues:

• Presentation of the EPS/NPS Project and INTERPOL Drug Unit activities

• Presentation of the criminological and chemical analysis’ results on:
Definition and specific characteristics of the psychoactive substances
Peculiarities of the NPS trafficking, routes and supply chain, also with respect to traditional illegal drugs
Role of organised crime and main (criminal) subjects involved
Role of the Internet, with specific regards to the Deep Web/Darknets and the relationship between Surface and Deep Web/Darknets
Demand of NPS and interdependencies between demand and supply

Challenges and countermeasures
• Main legal, judiciary and ethical issues
• LEAs: existing difficulties, best practices and desiderata (the results of a survey disseminated among LEAs at EU level will be presented)
• Forensic activities: challenges related to recognition, identification, analysis of the substances and information sharing
• Main factors that impact on international cooperation
• Existing initiatives at national, EU and international level

• Presentation of the cooperation platform developed by the Project and addressed in particular to LEAs
• Information sharing between State and non-State actors: practices, strategies and guidelines
• Updates on ongoing activities and working plan for future activities

The full draft agenda is enclosed to this invitation.


Representatives of law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities, drug experts (chemists, analysts, researchers, practitioners, academics…), national competent authorities, the participation of EMCDDA, UNDOC, INCB, OSCE, SELEC, WCO, CARICC, Council of Europe, EU Customs, EU Commission - Drug Unit, EMNSI, CEPOL and EUROPOL is envisaged.

Working language

The meeting will be held in English.


Participants shall request, while registering, for a coverage of their travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses. The EPS/NPS project can cover costs to those who will require for it on the basis of a geographic representativeness of the EU MS and on the basis of “first come first serve”.

Hotel and airline reservations

The General Secretariat does not make hotel reservations for officers attending this workshop. However, to help with reservations, a list of hotels which offer special rates to the Organization is enclosed (see Appendix 1).

As it may be difficult to find hotel rooms in December, we strongly encourage participants to make their reservations at least three weeks before the start of the meeting in order to secure a room in the hotel of their choice.

The General Secretariat also regrets that it will not be able to confirm, modify or make airline reservations for participants who doesn’t request the support via the registration form.


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Participants are kindly reminded that security checks are made at the entrance to the General Secretariat, it is therefore essential that they bring their identification documents with them.
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