Strut Your Stuff - Modelling Workshop Registration
Who this would suite:
- a desire for the knowledge of grooming and deportment
- Those that want confidence and self-esteem.
- Those wanting to advance their portfolio – Experience gained.

What you will gain:
- Knowledge of modelling styles
- Skills of walking standing and turning.
- Individual and working within a group on a catwalk.
- A photo shoot.
- Fitted for clothes.
- Have your makeup done professionally.

Where to go:
- Red Oak drive Frankton Studio 3 Lake Arts Theatre

When to:
- Sunday 9am 30th May. Workshop
- Cat-walk show 6pm same day.
9am Welcome, 9:30-12:30 training1:30pm divided into groups:
- Fitting at Social Clothing store Frankton
- Make up by The House of Beauty
- Photo Shoot by Isabella Fashion Photographer
- Met back at studio at 4:30pm
- Test run with sound and lighting
- 6pm Audience arrive (a small audience who are part of a fundraiser for their organization TBC).
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