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We are already sad to hear that you have a need to use this complaint submission form. Please fill out what you are comfortable with. None of the questions are required. All complaints are handled with care, looking to solve problems and move forward as necessary. Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention. If you choose to provide your contact information, we will involve you in any necessary investigations and give you updates. You may also choose anonymity, in which case we pledge to handle the issue to the best of our ability.
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If you like, you can provide your contact information. This is not necessary. Anonymous complaints are handled just as seriously as others, and all are dealt with confidentially. There is never any repercussion for submitting a complaint.
Thank you for helping Momivate improve. Please know that your complaint will be given full consideration. If you would like to talk to someone directly, here are two phone numbers: Regan Barnes - 801-413-4614 and Leigha Westover -- 801-750-1304
If you chose to include contact information, then by submitting this form, you are consenting to receive emails, phone calls, and/or texts from: Momivate, 3232 W. Meadowbrook Drive, West Valley City, UT, 84119, US, http://www.momivate.org. You can revoke your consent to be contacted by us at any time by replying with the word STOP to an email or text that we've sent to you. We respect your privacy and never provide your contact information to any other organization for any reason. We are anti-spam! We reach out to you when we have something of value that will empower you to elevate your mothering experience. Please add momunity@momivate.org to your contacts so our messages go to your inbox!
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