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We are thrilled to bring you Subtillery - a virtual conference with the aim of distilling and understanding the biology of Bacillus subtilis and related organisms. As many of us are still under the "stay at home" order (subtly hinted in the logo) and almost all conferences in our field are cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic, we hope this conference will help fill the intellectual void.

We have 40 trainee talks scheduled between June 8-12 (10am-1:30pm US Eastern Time). The following is the tentative daily schedule:
10:00-10:25 - talk 1
10:25-10:50 - talk 2
10:50-11:15 - talk 3
11:15-11:40 - talk 4
11:40-11:50 - break
11:50-12:15 - talk 5
12:15-12:40 - talk 6
12:40-13:05 - talk 7
13:05-13:30 - talk 8

We will send the conference program, links to participate, and any updates via email. So please ensure the email address you enter in this form is correct.

For more information visit:

Note: Please ignore the message you receive after registering regarding some "link". It is a glitch in the Google forms page. You will receive an acknowledgement of registration and conference program to your email address provided here.
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