Nash County Public Schools:  Parent Survey (April - June 2023)
Dear Parents:   Nash County Public Schools would like to know how we can improve the educational services provided to you and your student.  Please complete the survey no later than June 30, 2023.   Thank you for your time.
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(Optional) Please select the school(s) that your student attends: *
I feel welcome when I enter my child's school. *
I received and understood the Student-Parent-Teacher compact at the beginning of the school year. *
If you have feedback on the Student-Parent-Teacher compact, please provide them below. *
My student's school invited me to provide feedback on the Parent Involvement Plan for the 2022-23 school year. *
Did you attend any of the Parent Engagement activities at your child's school this year?  *
If you answered "no" to participating in Parent Engagement activities at your child's school this year, please indicate why:
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During the year, did you participate in either a Parenting Partners training or a Si4 (Successful Innovations) training at your student's school? *
(Title I schools only):  I was invited to attend the school's annual Title I meeting. *
(Title I schools only):  The Title I funding allotment was shared with parents.
I feel that parents were involved in the decision-making process regarding funding and initiatives at my student's school. *
My student received additional academic support when needed. *
Are you familiar with how the ESSER (COVID Relief funds) were used in your child's school (check all that apply)? 
I participated in the District's Parent Advisory Committee this school year. *
I participated in the District's Connect-Inform-Engage presentation in the Fall that discussed the use of Federal funds in Nash County Public Schools. *
Suggestions for the District or your student's school for the new school year (Optional)
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