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Thank you from Adrienne and Cait
The MotherNation village began with the two co-founders, in DC, Adrienne and Cait. We were close friends, but that closeness grew A LOT closer when our first babies were born hours apart. We became witnesses to each other’s journey into Motherhood; witnesses to the shifts in identity, to the shock of how hard it was, and to the beauty of it all. We learned from day one the importance of that witness, that support and community reflecting back at you what can be so hard to see in early Motherhood.

So, Adrienne had Evelyn and Cait became a mom to twins Mary Eileen and Benjamin.

With the birth of Evelyn, Adrienne, a former hard-charging BigLaw attorney turned coach and doula, mourned her former self, unsure how Motherhood would fit into her identity. She later met the heartbreak of Motherhood when she experienced a pregnancy loss along and the accompanying grief, shame and anxiety.

After spending years in the perinatal world professionally as a perinatal social worker, parent coach and infant feeding specialist, Cait became a mom to twins, Mary Eileen and Benjamin. Cait’s journey to Motherhood would not have be possible without her wife and the team at Shady Grove K St. Perhaps knowing too much, Cait grappled with the realities of twins born at 33 weeks, the NICU and postpartum depression.

Thankfully, we had each other. We got through the early stages of Motherhood by seeking support and sanity. We were both amazed at the very common struggles moms endure silently and the joys left unshared. We set out to answer these questions and do better by other Mothers. We wanted to make a space for Mothers to explore what Motherhood looks like for them. We wanted to bring Mothers together to exercise collective action and create the nation of Mothers we deserve.

Through personalized Circles, supported by an online community and designed with compassionate values, MotherNation was founded to do just that. The crisis of the last year has only deepened our mission.

In short: we believe every Mother deserves a MotherNation and the tools to claim their Motherhood their way.
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