Carolina Century Rest Stop Foods Wish List - All May Vote

The Carolina Century 102/82/72/64/51/31/21-Mile Ride and Roll for Multiple Sclerosis would like to know which of the following items you would find good, very good or amazing to have at our event and at similar bike and skate events. If you don't care, don't know, or don't like particular items, please just skip them. Thanks!
    drinks coffee
    drinks coffee blended iced frappuccino
    drinks fruit blended smoothie
    drinks gatorade/powerade/sports
    drinks ice
    drinks ice crushed
    drinks ice cubed
    drinks juice cranberry
    drinks juice orange
    drinks juice pickle
    drinks juice pineapple
    drinks juice tomato
    drinks milk nonfat/lowfat
    drinks milk nonfat/lowfat chocolate
    drinks milk regular
    drinks milk regular chocolate
    drinks sodas coke (pepsi/cola)
    drinks sodas ginger ale
    drinks sodas mountain dew (mellow yellow)
    drinks sodas sprite/sierra mist
    drinks tea cold sweetened
    drinks tea hot w/wo milk/cream
    drinks water
    drinks water filtered pitcher
    drinks water hot
    food candy atomic fireballs
    food candy breath gum/mints/peppermint lifesavers
    food candy candy corn
    food candy caramel creams/bull's eyes
    food candy chocolate
    food candy chocolate butterfinger
    food candy chocolate hersheys
    food candy chocolate kit kat
    food candy chocolate m and m
    food candy chocolate m and m peanut
    food candy chocolate milky way
    food candy chocolate snickers
    food candy chocolate with rice crunch
    food candy good and plenty
    food candy gummi bears
    food candy hard
    food candy lemonheads
    food candy necco wafers
    food candy pixie sticks
    food candy reese's peanut butter cup
    food candy skittles
    food candy smarties
    food candy soft
    food candy soft peppermint sticks
    food candy soft peppermint sugar puffs
    food candy sour patch kids
    food candy spree
    food candy starburst
    food candy sweetarts
    food candy tootsie rolls
    food candy twizzlers red
    food cookies
    food cookies fig newtons
    food cookies ginger thin
    food cookies nutter butters
    food cookies oatmeal
    food cookies oreo
    food crackers cheese sandwich
    food crackers peanut butter sandwich
    food frozen fruit popsicles
    food frozen ice cream fudgesicles
    food frozen ice cream sandwiches
    food fruit apples quartered
    food fruit apples with peanut butter
    food fruit apricots dried
    food fruit bananas
    food fruit cranberies dried
    food fruit grapes seedless
    food fruit oranges quartered
    food fruit pears
    food fruit pineapple fresh
    food fruit raisins dried grapes
    food fruit yogurt raisins
    food grains bagels salty
    food grains bagels sweet
    food grains bars granola chewy
    food grains bars granola crunchy
    food grains bars zone double dutch chocolate
    food grains bars zone strawberry yogurt
    food grains bread pita
    food grains bread white
    food grains bread whole wheat
    food grains doughnuts
    food grains pretzels hard thick
    food grains pretzels hard thin
    food grains pretzels soft thick
    food grains tortillas flour
    food homemade banana bread
    food homemade banana pudding
    food homemade brownies
    food homemade chocolate cake
    food homemade chocolate pound cake
    food homemade fruitcake
    food homemade halloween cake
    food homemade pumpkin bread
    food homemade pumpkin pie
    food homemade rice crispy treats
    food homemade vanilla pound cake
    food meats beef jerky
    food melon cantaloupe
    food melon honeydew
    food melon kiwi
    food melon watermelon
    food oatmeal packaged plus hot water
    food pickles kosher dill
    food salt
    food salt morton lite (sodium & potassium)
    food sauces hot/texas pete/tabasco
    food seeds pumpkin
    food seeds sunflower
    food snacks cheez-its/cheese nips
    food snacks cheeze-its spicy
    food snacks chips plain potato
    food snacks chips ruffles potato
    food snacks chips salt and vinegar potato
    food snacks chips white corn
    food snacks edamame salty soybeans
    food snacks edamame spicy soybeans
    food snacks goldfish/flavorblasted/extreme
    food snacks high carb high fat low protein
    food snacks high carb low fat high protein
    food snacks high carb low fat low protein
    food snacks low carb high fat high protein
    food snacks low carb high fat low protein
    food snacks low carb low fat high protein
    food snacks salty high fat
    food snacks salty low fat
    food snacks spicy high fat
    food snacks spicy low fat
    food snacks sweet high fat
    food snacks sweet low fat
    food snacks trail mix
    food snacks zone (40% carb/30% fat/30% protein)
    food soups potato (at rest stop)
    food soups pumpkin (at rest stop)
    food soups tomato (at rest stop)
    food spreads almond butter
    food spreads jam blackberry
    food spreads jam raspberry
    food spreads jelly/jam
    food spreads jelly grape
    food spreads jelly strawberry
    food spreads nutella
    food spreads nutella-banana wraps/burritos
    food spreads peanut butter
    food spreads peanut butter/pb-banana sandwiches
    food sugars goo/gels
    food sugars honey
    food sugars marshmallows big fluffy
    food sugars sugar
    food vegetables celery/pb/raisins ants on a log
    food vegetables green pepper/red/yellow strips/rings
    food vegetables sliced/quartered homegrown tomatoes
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