Etz Hayim - Wisdom Project 2.0
Pirkei Avot (usually translated: Ethics of our Fathers) is a remarkable section of the Mishnah where teachings and sayings of our Rabbis are recorded. For the Wisdom Project 2016, we'd like to compile Etz Hayim's own version!

Here's what you need to do: take a bit of wisdom (be it an expression, anecdote, joke, saying or whatever) that a family member has shared with you (sometimes, way too often) and contribute it below. It doesn't matter if the wisdom is serious or funny, Jewish or secular, original or cliche, all that matters is that it made an impact on you.

We'll be sharing the Wisdom Project's contributions during the days that occur between Passover and Shavuot. These two holidays mark milestones in the growth of the Jewish People: Passover is when we became free; Shavuot is when we received the Torah. It makes sense to use the 49 days between these two holidays as a chance to grow spiritually. . And what better (and more fun, and easier) way than by sharing our own family's wisdom among each other?


Q: I've got more than one piece of wisdom to share.
A: Awesome! Feel free to submit up to 3 pieces of Wisdom and we'll try to get them all published.

Q: Who should contribute?
A: Everyone! If you're connected to Etz Hayim in any way, we want you to share. And wisdom knows no age, so kids should absolutely contribute! This is a project for everyone in the family!

Q: What's the deadline for submissions?
A: We'd like to have all submission by April 18th, but sooner would be appreciated!

Q: Do you have any suggestions for getting started?
A: Check out last year's submissions for inspiration: (though last year's topic was a bit different; this year we're focused on family wisdom specifically)

Q: How can I subscribe to the Wisdom Project?
A: Easy! Visit: to sign up today.

Thanks! And feel free to contact Ben Simon ( if you have any questions.

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