<Be MBCious, MBCians!>
1. We are looking for community members to create their own campaign, event, etc. for MBC. Let’s get creative!
We will support these ideas and contents by providing MBC to use in their projects
Provide us with a proposal with the following specifics
a. Provide us with a proposal with the following included
i. Purpose / Objective
ii. Details of the project
iii. Timeline of the project
iv. A way to provide addresses for rewards
1. Each participant must have a valid MBC address. You can create an address on our homepage: microbitcoin.org
2. The content creator can also be included as a participant
* illegal, inappropriate, etc. projects are subject to rejection *
b. Once received, we will review and discuss the project along with the amount of MBC that we can provide for support.

2. After the project has finished, we will need a report of the results
a. We will also be allowed to share or promote any of the results in our official channels

3. Once the results have been provided, the MBC rewards will be provided by us

4. Bonus Event(“The Most MBCious”): the most creative and MBCious project creator will be selected monthly for extra MBC rewards!

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