The untrue stories we hear and internalize about our survivorship
I am asking for survivors of sexual violence to share with me whether any of these harmful narratives are voices that they've heard in their own life, from friends and family, from the larger society, and from themselves for an enormous project I'm working on! Please remember, all of these statements are UNTRUE! I am especially interested in stories I left out- please share with me any you think I should add.

The purpose of this survey is to inform the survivor-to-survivor emotional support projects I am developing through my site Your email addresses will be kept private, I only ask for your email address to ensure there are not duplicate respondents.

CONTENT WARNING: You are going to read a lot of really negative shitty completely untrue statements about being a survivor that may trigger memories of having heard these negative shitty things in your life. I do not want you to trigger yourself for the sake of answering this survey, so please be mindful of what's best for you!
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