2019 Music Tuition Registration
Individual music lessons are available on a wide range of instruments through our Itinerant Music Programme. If you wish to register for more than one type of tuition, please register again using a new form. Once we receive your completed application, your details will be forwarded to the relevant tutor, who will contact you directly to arrange a suitable time for lessons to commence. Should you have any questions, please email the Itinerant Music Programme Manager, Lesley Fifield, in the Performing Arts Department (lfifield@kristin.school.nz).
Information on our Itinerant Music Programme
Itinerant music lessons are delivered by skilled musicians and teachers who are appointed by Nick Duirs, Head of Faculty, Visual and Performing Arts. Families are invoiced for lessons directly by the itinerant music teacher (not Kristin School). Kristin School is responsible for the provision of the teaching space, assisting in timetabling of lessons and providing administrative support to both the teachers, students and parents. The itinerant music teachers organise their own timetable and liaise directly with parents to set up a suitable time for lessons to commence.

Invoices are sent out at the start of each term for one term of lessons. Invoices should be paid in full within 7-days of receipt. If an invoice and a reminder have been sent and payment still not received, the itinerant teacher may suspend lessons until payment is received.

Lessons take place at the same time each week, but as Kristin's timetable rotates over 7-days, this means a student does not miss the same school subject each week. It is the student's responsibility to catch up on any classwork missed as a result of an itinerant music lesson.

Lessons are usually for 30-minutes weekly. They are usually individual, but may be shared at the discretion of the teacher. However, this is not recommended for optimal results.
Fees and conditions are set out by Kristin School. Lessons will be invoiced on a per term basis at a maximum of $40 per 30-minutes, inclusive of GST, if applicable.
Absences and Make-up Lessons
In the case of student illness or a school-run event clashing with a music lesson, the teacher will offer a 'make-up' lesson only in the following cases:

• The student is sick and the itinerant teacher has been contacted directly by 8am on the
day of the lesson.
• The student is involved in a school-run activity, including camp, and the itinerant teacher
is notified directly by the parent/student at least 48-hours before the scheduled lesson.

Itinerant Teachers are only obliged to offer a make-up lesson ONCE each term in the case of student absences, even if further absences are justified under the terms of these conditions.

Please note, the itinerant teachers are not automatically notified when students are absent from school or when
events are taking place at school, including within the Music/Performing Arts Department.

The itinerant music teacher will make-up any lesson that is postponed due to their own absence. In the case of long term absences, a reliever may be appointed to ensure the continuation of music lessons.

Termination of Lessons
A minimum of four weeks' notice (excluding holidays) in writing, directly to the teacher and the Itinerant Music Programme Manager, is required if lessons are to be permanently cancelled by the parent/student.

If the teacher wishes to terminate lessons with a student, they must give 4-weeks notice, in writing, to the parent/student.

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Musical Instrument Hire
For parents who would like to hire an instrument for their child, Kristin School can recommend KBB Music, who are a market leader in quality rental instruments for the education market. KBB Music also offer up to 12-months of paid rental back to put towards purchasing an instrument (conditions apply). For more information regarding instrument hire from KBB Music and to download a rental agreement form, please visit: http://www.kbbmusic.co.nz/Rentals.html
Fees for Musical Instrument hire through KBB Music are paid directly to KBB Music and any Rental Agreement entered into is between the parent and KBB Music.
Fees and costs
2019 Tuition fees are a maximum of $40 per 30-minute lesson, inclusive of GST, if applicable.
Parent/Legal Guardian/Fee payer must complete this section
Please do not continue with completion of this form unless you are the parent/legal guardian/fee payer.
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Permissions *
I give permission for my son/daughter to register for these Music Tuition choices.
Student Agreement
I agree to:
• be regular and punctual in attendance at lessons and to practice regularly at home,
• carry my Tuition Pass with me to show my classroom teachers
• notify the Admissions Officer immediately if I attend a lesson at a time which is not at
my regular lesson time
• catch up on any classwork missed as a result of a music lesson
• contribute positively to the musical life of Kristin School through extra curricular music activities
and ensembles, as recommended by my teacher(s).
Student Agreement *
My child has read and agrees to the terms of the Student Agreement
Parent Agreement
I agree to:
• pay one Term’s fees in advance directly to the music teacher within seven days of
invoicing each term
• contact the music teacher directly by 8am on the day of the lesson if my child is sick
and will be away from school
• give at least 48-hours notice directly to the music teacher for any school-related activity,
including camp, that will result in my child missing their music lesson
• to support my child’s development through encouraging them to practice at home and
facilitate their musical interest
• contact the music teacher directly if I have any questions or concerns
• contact the itinerant music program manager if I have any concerns, or positive feedback,
that will help build a stronger and more productive learning experience for my child
• give written notice of termination of lessons to both the teacher and itinerant music
program manager (lfifield@kristin.school.nz) at least 4-weeks in advance of the date you wish lessons to finish
Parent Agreement *
I understand and agree to the above Terms and Conditions, Student and Parent Agreement
Binding agreement *
I have signed this on my own behalf and on behalf of the student as a parent or in locus parenti. By submitting, I am delivering an electronic signature that will have the same effect as an original manual paper signature. The electronic signature will be equally as binding as an original manual paper signature. I confirm I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions set out on this form and understand that this agreement will remain in place until the end of Term 4, 2019 or until I give 4-weeks written notice for termination of lessons.
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