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First of all, congratulations on cracking one of the toughest exams in the world!

Kunduz is YC-backed ed-tech startup from Stanford and aiming to democratize JEE prep for everyone by making it 10x more affordable and convenient than any existing resource.

We acknowledge the years of rigorous study you put in and we value the experience you gained.
If you want to solve questions for students on your phone from your dorm room and make money at the same time with complete flexibility and freedom of an simple app, we invite you to join us as our first tutor community member, INDIA!

- Solve students' questions anytime, anywhere!
- Choose to request questions on your own will!
- No commitment on your end! You get paid per question you solve at the end of the month!
- No commute! Do it from your dorm room, coffee shop, anywhere you have your phone!
- Have an experience at a YC startup!

More importantly, we will hire 5 interns from our "student tutor" network to work together. Our interns in our previous markets get to lead large teams before their graduation. We know how much high-potential university students can offer and we want to grow together!

Kunduz has been backed by renowned investors like Y Combinator, Social Capital and First Round Capital and is the market leader in mobile test prep in Turkey. It is recently selected as one of 50 World-Changing Startups by Inc Magazine.

For any queries, feel free to contact aman@kunduzapp.com. Happy to help!

Our website in English for your reference: https://kunduz.com/pr/
50 World-Changing Startups to watch in 2019: https://www.inc.com/anna-meyer/top-emerging-companies-2018-global-affordability.html

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