UK PonyCon 2019 Contributor Application
The following form should be used to apply to contribute a panel, workshop or other event at UK PonyCon 2019.

If there is anything on this form you wish to discuss, or you have issues completing this form, please reach out to us by email to

What would you like to run at UK PonyCon 2019 *
Please describe your proposed event *
Tell us about you and any other people involved in your proposal, what you propose to do at your event and why it is a good fit for UK PonyCon, and who is likely to attend it.
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Please provide links to any relevant websites or social media pages
If the proposed event is closely tied to a project, personality, business or other group, please provide links to relevant websites to help us better understand your proposal. For example, if you are an artist and proposing to give a talk about producing art followed by a Q&A, give links to where you post about your art online.
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Please select your preferred time slot for your event *
If successful, we'll try to accommodate your preference but cannot guarantee to do so at this point in time.
Saturday 11am - 2pm
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Sunday 10am - 2pm
Sunday 2pm - 5pm
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Are you happy for attendees to take pictures or videos during your event? *
Attendees love to take pictures to share their experience and make a record of their time at UK PonyCon, however we appreciate that for some contributors, this can make them feel uncomfortable. If you select no, we'll advise attendees to refrain from taking pictures or videos during your event.
Are you happy for UK PonyCon representatives and authorised press to take pictures or videos for promotional purposes during your panel? *
We have photographers and videographers as part of the UK PonyCon team who document the event for posterity and for future promotional activities. We also carefully vet requests from press organisations who wish to write about the convention, and they may wish to take pictures or videos as part of their work.
Will you be bringing your own AV equipment or laptop? *
If yes to the above, please describe what you intend to bring.
Please tell us if it requires an electricity supply. If you intend to connect it to our projector, television or speaker system, please describe the video and sound (if applicable) outputs of your device if known.
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What equipment will you require us to provide? *
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What name do you preferred to be called by? If more than one person, please provide all names. *
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Are you over 18? *
Have you applied for a stall at UK PonyCon 2019? *
Have you any other comments you would like to add about your event?
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Once approved, we will discuss what tickets you require. We will be offering a discount to the usual ticket price as a reflection of the contribution you are making to the convention and will send a PayPal invoice for the appropriate amount. Discounts are only available on standard admission tickets (i.e. not supporter or VIP). If you would like a VIP ticket, please purchase only the upgrade through our ticket store when the tickets become available, and we will send a PayPal invoice for the discounted admission ticket (subject to limited availability of VIP tickets).
I have read, understood and agreed to all the policies outlined in the UK PonyCon 2019 website and will ensure that everyone involved in the event are also aware and comply with these policies *
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