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If you answered 'yes' to the questions above, what are some things that you liked and disliked about other co-working spaces?
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Does your business have employees? (not including yourself)
How important are the following to you? (1= Not important at all; 5=Very important) *
Creative environment to work in
Calm and relaxed work atmosphere
Hosting clients/meetings
Space for private or confidential discussions
Storage for small/personal items
Shipping & receiving of mail/parcels
On-site refreshments and snacks
Professional development opportunities
Access to expert business advice
Social/networking events to attend
Group health benefit packages
A location close to my home
Restaurants close to my work place
Collaboration opportunities
Office amenities (wifi, printing, scanning etc)
Are there any other things we missed? What else is important to you when it comes to your business & working needs?
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emergeHUB hosts weekly workshops, and professional development opportunities. What topics might you be interested in?
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Do you consider yourself low-income? *
Is childminding or child care a barrier to you using a space like emergeHUB? *
If 'yes', what time would childminding at emergeHUB best help you access our services?
Is $125 per month a fair rate for membership access that includes a desk, business support, boardroom access, event hosting opportunities, access to professional development workshops, high-speed wifi, community networking events, and on-site tea/coffee/drinks? *
Is $300 per month a fair rate for membership access that includes everything listed in the above questions but also includes a permanent desk? *
Would you prefer to pay for usage by the hour? *
Are you a small business owner who is interested in renting permanent space at the emergeHUB location? *
What days would you be most likely to participate in classes at emergeHUB? *
What times would you be most likely to participate in workshops & events at emergeHUB? *
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