Citizen Cyclist Volunteer Survey
Bike Sense Louisville - A Public Art Project by Todd C. Smith and commissioned by Louisville's Commission on Public Art

Are you an avid biker? Would you be interested in biking for a year-long public art and citizen science project?

If so, please fill out this survey for the chance to participate in Bike Sense Louisville. If you are selected as a Citizen Cyclist, you will be given a sensor unit that attaches to your bike and tracks your bike usage. The resulting data will be translated into a sound work that will be broadcast on the Big Four Bridge. You and the other volunteers will help compile important information about biking in Louisville that could help with future improvements in infrastructure.

The program will launch in the second half of 2017. Thank you for your time and interest. We will be in touch!

Please spread the word and pass this link on to anyone you know who might also be interested.

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