Caddie Information for 2018
The opportunity to caddie at Ozaukee Country Club is almost here! My name is Brian Veenendaal, and this will be my 18th year at Ozaukee Country Club. I am currently a teacher in the Brown Deer School District, and I am excited to be the Caddie Manager again this year. My goal is to ensure that caddying will be an enjoyable learning experience for each of you. In order to help with that, communication is key. I will be utilizing Google Docs, texting, and ForeTees as much as possible to communicate with you for caddie opportunities. Please fill out this form so I can get all of your information on file. Please call me at 262-339-1951 if you have any questions.
Please provide your first and last name in the space provided. *
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If you are a returning caddie, please provide your caddie rank from the previous year. *
Please provide your home phone number in order for you to be reached. *
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If applicable, please add your personal cell phone number as this will be an important way to communicate throughout the year.
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Please provide an email where I can send you important information throughout the year. *
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Every caddie, including returning caddies, must fill out the caddie agreement page in the 2018 Caddie Manual (last page) and get their work permit turned in as soon as possible. Please let me know by completing the form what you have already done: *
Only new caddies have to turn in a work permit if you are under the age of 18.
I have read over the caddie manual and realize I am responsible for all of the information in the manual. *
There is a lot of vital information in the manual that explains our caddie program in greater detail.
I realize that when I caddie, the manual states that I must have a white towel with me or I will be charged $1.00 to borrow one from the Caddie Manager. This is due to the fact that Ozaukee Country Club does not have enough towels for every caddie. *
This year's most important caddie opportunity is "The OZ." The dates are July 19th-21st, 2018. *
I understand that the dress code requires a white polo shirt and khaki shorts or pants. *
Cargo shorts are prohibited. We have a small supply of white medium and small white caddie shirts for purchase. We will also have Ozaukee Caddie hats as part of our uniform.
If you are a first time caddie, you must complete 3 training dates. *
Please make sure your parents attend one of the required parent meetings.
I have looked over the website and realize that it is my responsibility to sign up online each week for caddie opportunities. *
When the season begins, you will need to sign up through ForeTees the dates and times you can caddie throughout the week. You will get a username and password once you have completed your training and are ready to begin.
If you have any questions that can be answered for you so you will be better prepared for being a caddie this summer, please write them below.
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