Request for Applications: Mentor-Fellows
The Mentor Fellows internship program is an activity of the Mentor-Connect: Leadership Development and Outreach for ATE-2 project (DUE #1501183). The Mentor Fellows internship prepares new mentors to help new-to-ATE college faculty learn to develop competitive ATE grant proposals and grow as leaders. Mentor Fellows also supports a purposeful turnover of mentors over time. Previous mentors transition to become special-purpose Mentors for other aspects of mentoring within the Mentor-Connect project. Mentor Fellows facilitates the involvement of more members of the ATE Community, promotes an infusion of new ideas, and engages new talent for this important work.

Those selected as Mentor Fellows have experience working within the NSF ATE community of programs and projects. Applicants should have experience writing or significantly contributing to a minimum of 2 successful ATE proposals and at least 3-5 years of involvement with an ATE center and/or project(s). Internships last approximately one year. Travel expenses and a stipend are paid to those who participate.

All applicants should be currently, or have very recently been, involved with the NSF Advanced Technological Education community. Endorsers can be from the same institution as the nominee. Members of the Mentor-Connect project team and/or selection team are not eligible to serve as endorsers.

The application should be accompanied by letters from those very familiar with the applicant’s work. Letters and applicant statements should specifically outline characteristics that make the applicant a good fit for this work, the applicant's interest in becoming a Mentor-Connect mentor, and the applicant's accomplishments with an emphasis on ATE Program involvement and grant experience.

How to Apply: Mentor-Fellows

1). Mentor Fellows Application Components

• Completed Mentor Fellows Application Form
• Applicant's resume
• Letter from the applicant explaining his/her interest in becoming a Mentor-Connect mentor and willingness to
dedicate time to this work
• Recommendations/reference letters from at least two ATE PIs or
Co-PIs familiar with the applicant and his or her work

2). Application Package Submission and Summary

Deadline: To apply to be a Mentor Fellow email application package to by 11:59 p.m. EST, September 27, 2019. Instructions below.

Applications Part 1 should be submitted electronically and supporting documents Part 2 (applicant's resume and
recommendations/reference letters from at least two ATE PIs or Co-PIs familiar with the applicant and his or her
work) must be emailed to

Compensation: Fellows receive a stipend of $1,750 plus travel support to
attend two Mentor- Connect workshops.

Commitment: Mentor Shadowing, Winter Workshop, Summer Workshop, bi-monthly Mentor Interviews,
technical assistance webinars, and study of Mentor-Connect resources, the NSF ATE proposal solicitation,
and components of the PAPPG.

Internship Duration: 9-12 months

Contact: Emery DeWitt, Program Manager, Mentor-Connect
South Carolina Advanced Technological Education Center of Excellence
Florence-Darlington Technical College
P.O. Box 100548 Florence, SC 29502

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What have been your contributions to and/or meaningful engagements with the ATE Program beyond implementing a specific funded project or Center? Check or list experience. *
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