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Thanks for your interest in my MYSTERY BAGS! These were a huge hit at NFC 2020, so I'm thrilled to offer them again online.

I have three sizes: Nibble, Bite, and CHOMP*. Details about what's in each are below...

If you're looking for a specific item (or want to see reviews of my products), you can get them in my shop at

Please note some items are my final stock and won't be available ever again, like my "Change is Good" werewolf window cling, only available in my CHOMP mystery bags.

*CHOMP bags have now sold out! Sorry for any inconvenience.
Zelaphas at NFC 2020 - See the mystery bags on the left, there?
Which bag will YOU choose?
Bags are already arriving at their new homes!
Nibble Bags - 10€ (shipping included!)
Nibble bags include...

1 "Shed Your Past" A7 mini print
2 Vinyl Stickers
How many Nibble bags do you want? *
Bite Bags - 25€ (shipping included!) -- ONLY 21 AVAILABLE
Bite bags include...

1 "Shed Your Past" A7 mini print
2 Vinyl Stickers
All 3 clear MAW stickers
1 button
1 brown OR gray A5 ink print
1 full color print
How many Bite bags do you want? *
CHOMP Bags - 49€ (shipping included!)
CHOMP bags include...

1 "Shed Your Past" A7 mini print
3 Vinyl Stickers
All 3 clear MAW stickers
1 button
2 brown A5 ink prints
2 gray A5 ink prints
1 full color print
1 32-page ink zine
1 5x5" shiny metallic print
1 luggage tag
1 "Dragoyena" keychain
1 "Change is Good" window cling

WEEK OF APRIL 10TH ONLY: If you order before next Saturday, I'll include 2 bonus stickers!
How many CHOMP bags do you want?
Clear selection
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If you are a Patron of mine, click "OTHER" and enter your Patreon email/username. ---- Patrons on my Patreon at will get a bonus sketch with their mystery bag. Joining my Patreon is only $2; If you choose the $20 annual option, you can send me your ref and I'll customize the sketch to your character! When you join my Patreon, you'll also unlock all my previous diaries, tutorials and other art posts. It's a sweet deal!
Which prints, buttons, or stickers will you get? Here's but a small preview of the possibilities!
Order details next!
The next few questions are so I can ship your order to you. The information I collect is ONLY used to process your order and won't be shared anywhere else. You can read my privacy policy at, or feel free to send me a message on telegram at with any questions.
Your Name? *
Please write your full, real name. This is only used so I can ship your mystery bag to you.
Your PayPal email address? *
I will also send your TRACKING CODE for your mystery bag to this email so you can watch it make its way to your home!
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Please write your full address, including any apartment numbers, exactly as it should appear on something shipped to you.
Agree to TOS *
All items in the mystery bags are randomized unless otherwise specified: You won't know which prints or stickers or buttons you're getting ahead of time until you open the bag and unlock the mystery! All sales are final and no refunds are possible. Shipping times are unpredictable at the moment due to Covid and worldwide shipping delays. You WILL receive a tracking code with your order once it's shipped. In the unlikely event your bag is lost or doesn't arrive, discuss the matter with me and we can work out a refund or other solution, however we must attempt to resolve with our postal services first.
Anything else?
This is OPTIONAL. If there's anything else you want me to know, or if you just want to say hi, type in in below!
What happens next?
I will review your order and send an invoice to your PAYPAL EMAIL. Please pay the invoice asap: The sooner you pay your invoice, the sooner I ship! If you don't pay your invoice or respond to my attempts to reach out to you within a week, I may cancel your order and allow others to buy the mystery bags: Bite and CHOMP bags are in very limited quantities, so act quickly and don't miss out! In the event I have already sold out of the bag type you want by the time I get to your order, I'll contact you and offer you a different bag type before cancelling your order.

Want to stay in touch? Join my Telegram channel and chat at! We're a lively chat group that shares photos, art, memes and more to keep our sanity and have fun while the pandemic continues. You'll also get updates about my art, sales and commission openings.

Thanks so much for your order!
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