EW2020 Early On Request Form
Hello Estrella War 2020 Staff!

The following are the Early Access to Site procedures for Estrella War 2020.
Each department needs to provide information about its needs for Staff and/or Volunteers needed at Estrella War before the site opens on Tuesday 02/18/2020 at 8:00 am.

As you may be aware, some Departments are allowed on site early to set up their areas prior the start of the event on Tuesday 02/18.

In order for your department, and its staff/volunteers to be granted early access we need the following information:

1) The Mains have to grant early on access approval for your department.
2) You must provide the number of early on staff / volunteers required [Even if that number is zero]
3) By January 15, 2020 you must provide a list of the names of the staff and/or volunteers that you need to have early access.
4) Confirmation that each person who has been approved for early access is preregistered for war.
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Are you currently Registered [or Comped] for war?
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