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Computer Aided Drug Design and Discovery Course
ProteinInsights provides the expertise you need at every stage your project including consulting services from molecular docking for lead discovery, to structure- and ligand-based molecular design for lead optimization, bioinformatic analysis of proteomic, transcripomic, and other -omics data, and biomarker discovery.

Molecular Modeling & Computational Chemistry: Molecular docking, Small molecule database searching, Pharmacophore modeling, QSAR modeling, Computer-Aided Drug Design, Scaffold hopping, SAR Analysis, Cheminformatic tools development, Molecular dynamics, Modeling software recommendations and guidance for early stage researcher/groups.

The topic for the workshop is Molecular docking and Molecular dynamics simulations.
Day 1: Bioinformatics tools, Biological databases
Day 2: Protein Modelling by online servers and Introduction to Linux
Day 3: Molecular docking and Virtual screening
Day 4: Molecular Dynamics Simulation using GROMACS (Part 1: System Preparation)
Day 5: Molecular Dynamics Simulation using GROMACS (Part 2: Analysis)

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