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Please complete and submit the following form no later than one week prior to the start of your selected class. (Note: AutumnGold classes typically fill 2 to 3 weeks prior to the start of each session). You will receive a confirmation email following review of your forms. If AutumnGold's instructors feel that you and your dog will benefit from a change to another class or type of instruction, you will be contacted via email. Registration in class is complete following review and receipt of payment.
AutumnGold offers Puppy, Basic Manners, and Manners Plus classes every session. K-9 Nosework, Jumps and Tunnels, Freestyle, and Tricks classes are also offered on a rotation basis. Descriptions, fees and a class schedule are below.
Young puppies benefit tremendously from spending time with other puppies, new people and in new settings. AutumnGold's puppy class guides puppy owners through the early weeks of puppy raising and training. In this class, puppies experience valuable socialization and learning opportunities in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment. Topics include canine communication and play behaviors, crate and “home-alone" training, house training, handling and grooming exercises, exploratory chewing, bite inhibition, "turn to your name" training, and an introduction to loose-leash walking. Class instructors answer questions, provide plenty of support to new dog owners, and encourage the kind of fun only a room full of puppies can generate! CLASS SPECIFICS: Monday evenings, 6:00 pm, 5-week course, eligible to puppies 9 to 16 weeks of age at start of class, FEE: $140.00
Basic Manners
AutumnGold's Basic Manners class is designed to develop a well-mannered dog who behaves at home, when out in public, and when in the presence of other dogs and people. The training portion of the class teaches dogs to walk on a loose lead, sit, lie down, stay, come when called, wait at doors, release requested items when asked, and “leave” forbidden items. Dogs also learn to quietly accept grooming and handling, greet others without jumping up, enjoy attention and petting from a friend, and stay in a stationary position in a variety of situations. Lecture sections of the course teach students how to emphasize positive reinforcement in their training and provide information about normal dog behavior, behavior problems, and approaches to solving problems. CLASS SPECIFICS: Tuesday evenings, 6:00 pm, 7-week course, eligible to dogs 4 months or older who have had little or no prior training, FEE: $180.00
Manners Plus
Our Manners Plus class focuses on advanced manners training, behaviors to help you to exercise your dog's mind and his body, and a variety of tricks that are fun and have practical uses. Each session, the Manners Plus class is customized to meet the needs of enrolled students and their dogs. Examples of exercises that may be taught include (but are not limited to): settle on a mat, go to your bed, reliable off-lead coming when called, calm behaviors at the veterinary clinic, proper behavior at the food bowl and with toys, appropriate manners when meeting new people (and dogs), retrieving and nose work games, and tricks such as put away your toys, jumping, agility exercises, and responding to directional cues. Students and their dogs have the opportunity to learn a variety of fun activities that they can easily enjoy at home with their dog, throughout his/her life! CLASS SPECIFICS: Monday evenings, 7:30 pm, 6-week course, eligible to dogs 9 months or older who have had previous manners training, FEE: $160.00
Nose Work
K9 Nose Work is a search and scenting activity for dogs of all ages and training levels in which dogs use their nose to find and indicate hidden toys, treats and new (novel) scents. This easy to learn game is loads of fun for dogs and owners and provides the foundation for many scenting games and sports. Nose work training also builds confidence and focus and provides a safe way to keep your dog fit and healthy by providing both mental and physical exercise. This 6-week course begins with an introduction to searching using scent using treats or a favorite toy, coupled with a novel scent (cloves). We include instructions for training dogs to offer an ‘indicator behavior” that they will use to indicate the source of the hidden scent. As dogs become more proficient at searching and indicating the presence of a scent, searches are expanded to the entire training facility and use a variety of increasingly challenging hiding places. For those who have taken K-9 Nose Work with us previously, more complex searches will be constructed to provide additional training opportunities and to keep their dogs challenged and interested. CLASS SPECIFICS: Spring Session, Tuesday evenings, 7:30 pm, 6-week course, eligible to dogs 9 months or older who have had previous manners training, FEE: $160.00
Jumps and Tunnels
This advanced class introduces jumping and several types of agility obstacles to dogs and their people! Learn how to safely teach your dog to jump and to navigate tunnels, weave poles, and platforms. Emphasis in this course is on jumping safety and fun, without the pressure or constraints of dog sport competition training. A variety of jump and tunnel types are introduced, along with instructions for training directed jumping, hand signals, and off-lead training. During the final two weeks of this class, each student will have to opportunity to select the types of obstacles that their dog enjoys most and put together a customized short course for their dog to navigate. If your dog enjoys exercising and being active, this is the class for you! CLASS SPECIFICS: Summer 1 Session, Tuesday evenings, 7:30 pm, 5-week course, eligible to dogs 9 months or older who have had previous manners training, FEE: $140.00
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