Affiliation Request Form
This form is for land owners or groups owning land which wish to be affiliated to our federation. Do not use this form if you or your group does not own land or wants to rent. Please contact the community managers for rentals information.
What is the name of the land holder? *
Type the name of the avatar(s) or the group holding the land. Please do not use real life names.
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Is the land owned by avatar(s) or group? *
Select whether the land holder is one or more avatars or a group.
What is the approximate extension in square meters of the land?
For avatar-owned land the total size of parcels by region is available at the Second Life Dashboard at this address: . For group land you can find the land total size in the land tab of the group properties. (Okay to leave blank)
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List the name of region(s) where the land parcel(s) is located *
Type the name of the region(s) where your parcel(s) is located. In case of more regions please separate names by commas. Example: Helvellyn, Hardknott, Mowry
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Second Life Experience *
Please select the option that most closely reflects your level of overall experience in Second Life.
Do you run a blog/website?
If you have a blog/website, please type the url here
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On behalf of the land holder(s), I declare to have read and agree to the East River Community Charter * *
All applicants must read our charter prior to applying for membership. See
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