Integrated Skills Program 2
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L4T2F - It's a mystery.
In this lesson, you're going to learn about the ghost mystery.
Task One: Click on the link. Watch the video about today's mystery.
Task Two: Watch the video and practise saying the words.
Task Three: Write the words under the pictures.
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Captionless Image
Captionless Image
Captionless Image
Captionless Image
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Task Four: Ed Winchester presents a show called "It’s a mystery". Every week he talks about a different mystery.
This week, Ed is talking about the ghost mystery. Listen to the show and choose the best words to complete the sentences below.
1. Some people think that a ghost is the ________ of a dead person.
2. A ghost may stay here because it is trying to fix a problem or say '________' to someone.
3. ________ is the most haunted country in the world.
4. The German word 'poltergeist' means '________ ghost'.
5. A lot of ghost photos and ________ are hoaxes.
Task Five: Listen to Kelly. What does she think about the mystery?
Task Six: Are the statements below true or false?
Kelly believes in ghosts.
Kelly says that there are ghost stories in all cultures.
Kelly has seen a ghost.
Clear selection
Task Seven: Listen to Greg. What does he think about the mystery?
Task Eight: Are the statements below true or false?
Greg believes in ghosts.
Greg's friends have never seen a ghost.
Greg says that videos of ghosts use special effects.
Clear selection
Task Nine: Watch the video and answer the questions with your own ideas.
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