Pistachio yield prediction
Dr Patrick H Brown and Dr. Yufang Jin (UC Davis) are working on a USDA grant proposal to develop a method to predict yield in Pistachio by using historic yield data, free satellite imagery, automated climate analysis and individual orchard characteristics.  The outcome will be a simple to use App or website for yield prediction of any pistachio block , this can be used to help you predict ideal N fertilization and plan other yield dependent activities.

To do this well he needs to collect individual block yield data from as many orchards in California as possible.  All data received will be fully anonymized and private.

There is no cost to growers, no charge for final product and no need for UC experimentation on your orchard.

In addition to the direct benefit to the grower, this type of research can uncover information on the drivers of yield variability, the impact of climate events on yield, and the influence of cultivars/rootstocks/practices on yield.
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